Teamplayers: An evaluative research of the project ‘Co-teaching in Arts Education in Primary Education’

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Mocca / Amsterdam University of the Arts, Amsterdam (2018)


‘Co-teaching in Arts Education in Primary Education’ is a report on the research of a pilot project in which teacher trainers of the teachers’ training courses in arts education (Amsterdam University of the Arts) and of the teachers’ training courses in primary education (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) collaborated on the design of a teaching module based on 4CO-teaching. Both student teachers in primary educations and in arts education (theatre, dance, and fine-arts) were taught how to design arts lessons for primary education together and how to carry them out as a duo. 4CO-teaching is a methodology in which all parties share the responsibility of designing, carrying out, and debriefing their lessons, as well as reflecting on the lessons to improve the collaboration and education itself. In order to evaluate this project the design and its execution have been researched from the perspective of the various teacher trainers of the Amsterdam University of the Arts and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and their students. The aim of this research was to deepen the understanding of the benefits and problems of such collaboration and to see how the module could be improved. The findings are relevant for the educational institutes as well as the future specialist arts teachers and primary school teachers who will (have to) implement co-teaching in arts education.