Singewing space. An augmented blended-learning approach to music learning

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Amsterdam University of the Arts, Amsterdam (2018)





Music education has only scarcely embraced blended modes of learning. Moreover, existing applications often involve clas­sical ways of online learning. In this project, we present the concept and a demonstrator of Singewing Space, a web-based interactive educational technology that introduces a novel approach to blended learning in music education, based on an ‘embodied’ and collaborative approach to music learning. The concept of Singewing Space not only exemplifies how face-to-face learning can be connected to online learning (blended) but also how the use of various sensors can be ap­plied in online learning (augmented). It shows how playing, singing, and moving to music, alone or jointly with peers, can be integrated by using motion capturing in combination with sound recording. In this way, this application aims to stimulate the collaborative creation of a visualisation of music or movement in a virtual learning environment.

Learners are invited to respond to each other’s creations through meaningful musical and physical actions. The online activities are always representative of classroom activities. The demonstrator illuminates a specific part of the Singe­wing concept: how learners can create rhythms through movement, how these rhythms can be visualised, and how learners can respond rhythmically to each other in a virtual learning environment.

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