Monitoring National Arts Education Systems (MONEAS): Some results of two surveys among arts education experts around the world

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


T. IJdens


International Conference on Cultural Policy Research, Seoul 5-9 Juy 2016 (2016)


arts education



The international project Monitoring National Arts Education Systems (MONAES) aims to assess how key issues of the Seoul Agenda Goals for the Development of Arts Education (UNESCO 2010) are reflected in arts education policies and practices in UNESCO Member States. Two digital surveys among arts education ex-perts around the world were held in February and May 2016 to collect data about their personal opinions and ideas and about their assessment of facts regarding arts education in their country. This paper gives a brief outline of the MONAES project: its objectives, key concepts and guiding questions; and it presents results of a first exploratory, comparative analysis of some data from both surveys. Each of the sections with results – starting with the experts’ personal and professional profile, their own understanding of arts education and their assessment of how it is understood in their country; and then the experts’ assessment of some facts with regard to key issues of the Seoul Agenda (access, benefits and challenges, and arts edu-cation research) in their country1 – consists of a brief introduction and a presentation of findings, and ends with a conclusion and reflection.

This paper is a revised and extended version of the paper presented at the International Conferene on Cultural Policy Research in Seoul, July 2016.