Aproximación a los conceptos de asimilación, segregación e integración cultural a través de la composición musical. (Representing the concepts of assimilation, segregation and cultural integration through musical composition.)

Publication Type:

Journal Article


DEDiCA. Revista de Educação e Humanidades, Volume 10, p.215-228 (2016)




In this paper we shall describe and analyse a teaching proposal carried out in the first course of E.S.O. (Compulsory Secondary Education) at a school in Cantabria, Spain. This proposal arose from the absolute certainty of the need to educate students so that they may construct intercultural societies in which not only tolerance and respect for diversity prevail, but also students are engaged in connecting with different cultures through their capacity to value diversity as something positive and enriching. To this end, we considered it best to begin by carrying out a study of the different models that can be found in today’s multicultural societies. The students were then assigned to groups where they composed instrumental music representing cultural assimilation, the existence of ghettos, and an intercultural society. This assignment, which at first may have seemed a simple task for the students, turned out to be quite a challenge for them, considering that, beyond having to delve into the topic of multicultural models, they also had to utilize music as a symbolic language. And if little attention is usually paid to artistic expression and creativity in art subjects at school, even less is paid to the representation of ideas or concepts through such an abstract language as music. The response of the students involved was extremely positive, as much for the interest they showed during the task as for the originality of the music they composed. We regard this proposal as having considerable formative value as it allowed the students to learn more not only about the contents of the Music subject itself but also about positive values and citizenship.