¿Música para aprender, música para integrar? Arte y educación en valores en el currículo escolar. (Music for learning, music for integrating? Art and education in values in the school curriculum.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


DEDiCA. Revista de Educação e Humanidades, Volume 9, p.145-160 (2016)




In 2010, the UNESCO organized The Second World Conference on Arts Education, in which the Seoul Agenda “Goals for the Development of Arts Education” was published. This Agenda includes three major Goals, the third of which focuses on the need to apply arts education principles and practices to contribute to resolving the social and cultural challenges facing today’s world. The capacity for arts education and, specifically, music education, to contribute to values education and to integrate diversity into the classroom has been widely studied. The International Society for Music Education (ISME) recognizes the boundless possibilities for music to contribute intercultural learning and understanding, co-operation and peace. However, despite the efforts of many arts theorists and educators in the national context, Spanish arts education faces many important challenges as regards its contribution to values education. The study undertakes an analysis of the curricula of arts education in schools in order to explore how values education is articulated in relation to arts, to identify challenges and to propose actions.