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Nijs, L, Bremmer, M, & van den Dool, J (2018).  Singewing space. An augmented blended-learning approach to music learning Amsterdam University of the Arts , Netherlands
Lucero, J (2018).  Teacher as conceptual artist. Identifying the overlap between the teacher/artist identities Amsterdam University of the Arts , NetherlandsPDF icon air_lucero_leaflet.pdf (1.83 MB)
van Hoek, E (2018).  Teamplayers: An evaluative research of the project ‘Co-teaching in Arts Education in Primary Education’ Mocca / Amsterdam University of the Arts , Netherlands
Akademie der Kulturellen Bildung des Bundes und des Landes NRW e.V., Keuchel, S, & Czerwonka, S (2017).  Cultural Diversity Barometer 2017 (Rosenblühe-Prgomet, M, Ed.).
Westerlund, H, Partti, H, & Karlsen, S (2017).  Identity formation and agency in the diverse music classroom Oxford University Press , UK
Carp, D (2017).  Teaching Interdisciplinary Artistic Research Amsterdam University of the Arts , NetherlandsPDF icon teaching_interdisciplinary_artistic_research.pdf (2.13 MB)
Sarrouy, A Didier (2016).  Actors in music education: comparative ethnography between three nucleous inspired by the El Sistema programme in Venezuela, Brazil and Portugal / Atores da educação musical Universidade do MinhoPDF icon sarrouy_-_pt_2017_versao_final.pdf (4.86 MB)
M. Martín, T (2016).  Aproximación a los conceptos de asimilación, segregación e integración cultural a través de la composición musical. (Representing the concepts of assimilation, segregation and cultural integration through musical composition.) (E. Galán, R, Ed.).
Németh, S, Collard, P, Kaderják, A, & Vince, D (2016).  Creating Creative Learning Environments by Creative Partnerships Programme PDF icon ce_2016042916292314.pdf (583.59 KB)
Villodre, M del Mar Be (2016).  Formación para la ciudadanía intercultural en educación infantil. ¿Qué sucedeen las universidades valencianas? (Training for intercultural citizenship in early childhood education. What is happening in the Valencian universities?)
Rakowski, T (2016).  Hunters, Gatherers, and Practitioners of Powerlessness. An Ethnography of the Degraded in Postsocialist Poland Berghahn Books , Great Britain
Karlsen, S, Westerlund, H, & Miettinen, L (2016).  Intercultural practice as research in higher music education. The imperative of an ethics-based rationale. Routledge , UK
IJdens, T. (2016).  Monitoring National Arts Education Systems (MONEAS): Some results of two surveys among arts education experts around the world PDF icon monaes_exploratory_analysis_2016.pdf (760.95 KB)
Cabedo-Mas, A. (2016).  ¿Música para aprender, música para integrar? Arte y educación en valores en el currículo escolar. (Music for learning, music for integrating? Art and education in values in the school curriculum. (Arriaga-Sanz, C., Ed.).
Collard, P, Parr, J, Wimmer, M, de Calais, L'A Mairie, Lievens, J, Siongers, J, et al. (2016).  Perspektiven Kultureller Bildung in Europa. Diversität und Flucht (Perspectives of Arts Education in Europe. Diversity and Displacement) (Keuchel, S, & Czerwonka, S, Ed.). Akademie der Kulturellen Bildung des Bundes und des Landes NRW e.V. , Germany
Anttila, E (2016).  When dialogue fails: an art educator’s autoethnographical journey towards intercultural awareness Routledge