T-Tudok Centre for Knowledge management and educational research

The mission of our company, T-Tudok Research and Knowledge Management Center is to help decision makers, experts and people interested in education to understand better the developments and tendencies going on in the field of education. The Centre’s activity involves evaluation of development programmes and impact analysis of policy interventions so that we can help educational practice by finding and distributing good practices in order to enhance effectiveness of teaching and learning. 

One of our most important projects is the operation of Creative Partnership program in Hungary. Creative Partnerships program is focused on the long-term relationship between creative practitioners and schools. Creative professionals from various branches (of arts) help students master different types of knowledge and skills. Creative practitioners bring new expectations, which clearly challenge students. But it is not only students that are jerked out of the rut of daily routine by the new learning process – schools as a whole are also affected. During the last three years of implementing the program in Hungarian schools we found that Creative Partnership is a good practice that should be introduced to more schools in need of a new perspective. 

Other main areas of research in T-Tudok are educational policy, progress of pupils in the system, school effectiveness, equity issues, transition from school to work, school financing and management. Great emphasize is put on the use of appropriate scientific methods, the balanced use of qualitative and qantitative tools.

Type of organisation: 
Center of expertise
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