Stiftung Genshagen

The Genshagen Foundation evolved from the Berlin-Brandenburg Institute for Franco-German Collaboration in Europe, which was founded in 1993 by historian Prof Rudolf von Thadden and Brigitte Sauzay. Since 2005, the Foundation has been run as a non-profit foundation under German civil law. It focuses on promoting and intensifying Franco-German and German-Polish relations, as well as facilitating the dialogue within the Weimar Triangle. Its founders and main sponsors are the German Federal Government, represented by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, and Land Brandenburg. The most important third-party donor is the Federal Foreign Office.


Non-profit foundation under German civil law


– The Genshagen Foundation aims to strengthen Europe’s cultural diversity, political capacity to act, social coherence and economic dynamism.
– Through its varied events and publications, the Foundation helps to find new approaches and solutions to current and future challenges in society and politics – always within the context of Europe.


– At the interface between civil society, the state and the business world, the foundation operates in two working sections: Art and Cultural Mediation in Europe and European Dialogue – Political Thinking on Europe.
– Organisation of conferences and seminars on different European issues
– Public panel discussions, artistic projects and cross-border exchanges between experts, activists and artists
– Research programs
– residencies for authors and translators
– Summer universities for graduate students from France, Germany and Poland
– pilot projects in the field of cultural education


The Genshagen Foundation is known as an institution where political, economic, cultural and social issues linked to the European integration and agenda are discussed in a constructive and controversial high-level debate.


Dr. Angelika Eder

Dr. Angelika Eder
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