LKCA (National Centre of Expertise for Cultural Education and Amateur Arts)

LKCA is the national knowledge platform for professionals, administrators and policymakers in cultural education and cultural participation. Through the dissemination of knowledge and research, we contribute to the quality of professional practice and policy. We encourage professional development in this field by facilitating meetings and debate. We also offer advice on issues of cultural education and cultural participation in the broadest sense of the term. Using information networks, conferences and digital resources, we provide insight into relevant developments in this field, both national and international.

LKCA contributes to the development of government policy programmes for cultural education and active cultural participation and supports their implementation.

Zöe Zernitz
Arno Neele
Type of organisation: 
Center of expertise
Nieuwegracht 66 Postbus 452
3500 AL Utrecht
+31 30 711 5100