Instituto Universitário de Lisboa ISCTE-IUL

ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL) is a public university established in 1972 and a leading institution in social sciences and business sciences in Portugal. Pursuing teaching, research and community service activities, it plays a major role in training qualified specialists and personnel, whose cultural, scientific and technical skills enable them to contribute to social, cultural and economic development both at the national and the global level.

Founded in 1985, the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES-IUL) is the research unit in ISCTE-IUL involved in the ENO network. Its main scientific areas are sociology and public policy, but it also develops relevant activity in political science, communication, education, urban studies, social work and modern and contemporary history.

The Centre performs research in socially important fields and has specific and established competences in the study of public policy. On this basis, it carries out important work in the transfer of knowledge to institutions and the community in general.

With over 50 ongoing projects, the Centre’s team includes 166 PhDs and 200 PhD students. CIES-IUL participates in several international funded projects, research programs and networks of scientific cooperation. The Centre’s research lines are: I - Inequalities, Migrations and Territories; II - Knowledge Society, Competences and Communication; III - Family, Generations and Health; IV - Politics and Citizenship; V - Work, Innovation and Social Structures of the Economy and VI - Modern and Contemporary History.

Type of organisation: 
University department
Av. das Forças Armadas
1649-026 Lisbon