Estonian Research and Development Centre for Cultural Policy, Cultural Education and Creative Economy

KUPUKE is launched by Estonian scholars and researchers with interdisciplinary background of social sciences, arts  and humanities.

 The aim of KUPUKE is to gather expertise, create and share new knowledge in cultural policy, cultural management, cultural and art education, as well as in creative industries, both in Estonia and internationally, working with art and cultural institutions, universities, scholarly networks and government institutions.

In order to achieve its objectives, the organization will:

- conduct research on cultural policy, cultural education and creative industries (both in-depth and applied research, policy analyses, reviews, and reports);

- contributes to the development of cultural, social and tourism organizations through the provision of consultancy services, auditing, and reputation management;

- offers various levels of lectures and training for schools, vocational training institutions, higher education institutions, service providers, enterprises and public sector organizations;

- mediates expertise between research and professional networks, government departments, and cooperates with cultural, educational and creative industries;

- issues approvals, releases books, textbooks, review papers and other publications consistent with the content objectives;

- brings together the database on cultural policy, interest education, creativity and creative industries research, working with Estonian libraries, and translating it into international databases;

- collects and analyzes statistical data in cooperation with Estonian partners and the Statistical Office, and also mediates data in international databases (cultural policy compendium and networks of culture education);

- organizes public discussions and conferences.

Type of organisation: 
Center of expertise
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+ 372 58 18 0723