ENO Austria is a cooperation between the University of applied Arts and EDUCULT, an independent research institution on cultural policy and arts education issues

The University of applied Arts in Vienna is a leading centre of excellence in art and research which is recognized nationally and internationally.

  • Projects and events of the highest quality are developed in all of the Angewandte’s art and research disciplines. The Angewandte occupies a leading position in Austrian art and culture.
  • In the field of artistic research, the Angewandte plays a key role in Austria, and it also has achieved great recognition internationally. The recurrent success of applications made from the University to the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) program for arts-based research (PEEK) gives strong evidence for its high level of achievement.
  • Outstanding international artists and scholars in all branches of the Angewandte provide essential impulses in the development of their individual disciplines, and beyond the bounds of their disciplines as well - be it in their artwork, in their publications, in exhibition organization, on the art market, in the creative industries or through their media presence.
  • The Angewandte has at its disposal a densely woven and structurally well-established network of internationally renowned institutions and experts, providing numerous possibilities for cooperation to national and international partners and interested parties.


The Angewandte makes key contributions to strengthening Austria as an innovation hub.

  • By interdisciplinarily combining its own in-house expertise with relevant research partners, the Angewandte contributes in diverse project constellations toward fulfilling innovative and socio-political goals.
  • Graduates, participants in the creative industries (e.g. newly founded or innovation-oriented small and medium-sized businesses), cooperation partners and other interested parties make use of knowledge, supporting expertise and services offered by the Angewandte (e.g. in acquiring funding from EU grants).
  • Thus the Angewandte fulfils a bridge function between national and international protagonists, whereby this function simultaneously ensures its sustained anchoring in relevant fields of practice.


At the Angewandte, difference - textual, methodical, cultural - is seen as a challenge and an opportunity for engaging in constructive-critical interaction.

  • In keeping the founding aims of the Angewandte up to date with today’s world, the creative ideas and energies of visual and media art, design, architecture, aesthetics, art history and the natural and cultural sciences are brought into vivid and respectful interaction. Thus the challenging balance between aesthetic-artistic demands and result-oriented expectations can be maintained.
  • The interplay of various creative perspectives engenders inclusive methods of approach, which ensure responsible and well-informed interaction with socio-politically or ideologically charged issues.


EDUCULT as cooperation partner of the Angewandte is an independent European research institute with a long expertise in the analysis, evaluation and assessment of Austrian and European cultural and education policy.

Access to culture and participation is one of our main concerns and we strive towards developing an informed, evidence-based policy to support this concern.

Therefore EDUCULT supports:

  • Cooperation between arts, culture, scientific and education institutions on the individual, institutional and political level.
  • Knowledge-exchange in the field of access to culture, cultural participation and cultural education between different levels and institutions.
  • Awareness-raising for the importance of arts education and cultural participation through public discussion and dissemination activities

This aims are reached by:

  • Methodological research, analysis and evaluation of projects, programmes and initatives
  • Service and consultation activities for the implementation and development of programmes
  • Exchange and dissemination of research results
  • EDUCULT has excellent experience and a track-record in the coordination and delivery of European collaboration projects.


Both partners are in full agreement and endorse the objectives of the European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education linked to UNESCO (ENO) as they are written in the Articles of Association. Also, the strategy of EDUCULT cooperating with the University of applied Arts in Vienna states that wit will strengthen the role in the European cultural and educational sector, and that it will take on the responsibility for the development and research of art education and pedagogy in Austria. For that purpose, EDUCULT and the University of applied Arts collaborates with other Austrian universities that have programmes and research in arts education, as well as with national organizations in arts education.

Through the ongoing research initiatives both partners have established strong connections with the National Board of Education and the Ministry of Education and the Chancellery, among others responsible for Arts and Culture, and are aware that there is a strong interest to strengthen ties to European networks in the area of arts and cultural education.

Type of organisation: 
Center of expertise
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