Akademie der Kulturellen Bildung

The Akademie der Kulturellen Bildung (Academy of Arts Education), established in 1958, is the central institute of arts education for children and young people in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. In its capacity as a continuous training academy for experts of youth, social, education and cultural work it is a recognised institution for children and young people’s development and qualifies in the entire spectrum of arts education subjects.

The Academy has a qualified expertise in theorising, policy counselling and concept development at its disposal. Research and evaluation are part of its services as much as analysis of educational and social cross-cutting issues. It exerts influence on the development of new job descriptions and fields of work in arts education and is an active contributor to the extracurricular arts education landscape.

The Academy of Arts Education is a member of a comprehensive network of institutions and persons in the field of arts education. It is a supporter of the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendfilmzentrum (kjf) and the information centre “Kulturelle Bildung in Schule und Jugendarbeit NRW“ (Arts education in schools and youth work North Rhine Westphalia) and a centre of important arts education associations and organisations as well as the founder of numerous multiplier networks.

Type of organisation: 
Center of expertise
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42857 Remscheid
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