ENO Estonia

The aims of ENO Estonia are: 

  1. to develop academic research on the arts`s and cultural education
  2. to act as  wider discussion and information platform in the field of  arts and cultural education organizations, including social partners in Estonia in order to share the international knowledge and best practices.

We hope to contribute in the enriching international cooperation, which helps to develop academic research and discussions on arts and cultural education in Estonia and Europe.


Members of ENO Estonia

Dr Egge Kulbok-Lattik  (Cultural policy researcher, KUPUKE, Board member of Estonian Culture Chamber) 


Dr Anneli Saro (Professor in  University of Tartu, theatre science) 


Dr Triin Roosalu (Associate Professor in  Sociology Tallinn University, sociology) 

CV | publications

Mr Kalle Vister (Director of the Estonian Centre of the Folc Culture)


Mrs Pille Lill (Academia Nova, Board member  of Estonian Culture Chamber)