ENO Yearbook

Arts and Cultural Education in a World of Diversity - ENO Yearbook 1

This volume gathers, analyses, discusses and evaluates results of current research on arts and cultural education in Europe, focusing on the challenges of cultural diversity. Cultural diversity is an increasingly characteristic feature of contemporary societies. Groups with different ethnic, social or cultural backgrounds coexist, interact and merge. The challenges of cultural diversity – its innovative potential as well as tensions and conflicts – are reflected in transnational discourses on education, culture, democracy, and citizenship. Transcultural approaches, multicultural education, and intercultural learning are key concepts. The same challenges are reflected in arts and cultural education within and outside schools, in teachers’ and artists’ training, cultural and educational policies, and research.

The thirteen chapters in this book report on nine countries represented in the European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education (ENO). They showcase good practices in research and teaching, foster the exchange of experiences, stimulate researchers and stakeholders and give insights into their professional practices.

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The ENO yearbooks gather, analyse, discuss and evaluate results of research on arts and cultural education produced in Europe.