Online ENO meeting


Shared ENO/ACEnet meeting from 9-12 on 7 May focusing on presentations from topic groups that are relevant for both networks. 

Agenda 9-12

  1. Welcome and introduction 9-9.15 / Charlotte Svendler Nielsen and Marlies Tal
  2. Presentation of progress in topic groups
    • Europe connecting with the larger world 9.15-9.35 / Nevelina Pachova
    • Surveys on participation in arts and culture 9.35 -9.55 / John Lievens
    • Cultural participation and social challenges 10.10-10.30 / Marlies Tal
    • New approaches to education 10.30-10.50 / Patricia Gläfcke
    • Assessment in arts education 10.50-11.10 / Nuala Hunt
  3. Plenum discussion across topics incl. highlights from reports of groups that have not presented and next steps 11.20-12 / Charlotte Svendler Nielsen

After a lunch break we will continue with an ENO meeting from 13-14.30 in which we will start with a presentation from the topic group focusing on the role of the non-academic partners in ENO led by Joanna Orlik. Then the board will update the members of what we have been up to since our last meeting in October 2020. This will include a short presentation by Lígia Ferro about the Porto Santo Charter, an initiative of the Portuguese presidency of the European Council. We hope for a fruitful plenum discussion based on the updates!

To end the day those who have an interest in discussing a plan for ENO Yearbook 3 are invited to stay on for a meeting with the board from 14.30-15.