MORE THAN BYTES Conference on digitalisation and arts education, Vienna 11th of April 2019 / ENO Meeting 10th and 12th of April

Conference on digitalisation and arts education

Date: Thursday 11th April 2019, Vienna, from 10am – 5pm
Venue: Kardinal König Haus, 1130 Vienna, Kardinal-König-Platz 3, 
Conference Language: English and German

Cultural and digital education are prerequisites for forward-looking, individualized learning that promotes self-competence, creativity and flexibility. Digital education in the context of arts education is a relatively young approach that needs to betested, also in terms of a reflective distance.
How can artists and mediators work with pupils using digital media in the field of arts education? How are teachers prepared for these challenges to engage in creative processes in the context of arts and digital education?

We live in a media society that uses "old" and "new" - analogue and digital - media in a linked and interactive way. Cultural media education, as part of general education, enables children and young people to orient themselves in an increasingly medial and mediated world.
Digitalisation strategies in Europe have also triggered discussion in the area of arts education on how cultural workers work with students in the context of digital media.

The conference will cover research findings on the subject area and showcase models of how the practical implementation in different countries in Europe works in the field of arts education. The spectrum ranges from the education of future teachers, to the use in school, to the informal education of young people in the context of digitalisation.


ENO Meeting
: Wednesday 10th April 2019 2pm – 6pm &
Friday 12th April 2019, Vienna, from 9:30am – 2pm
Venue: KulturKontakt Austria

Organizer: ENO Member Austria
KulturKontakt Austria

04/10/2019 to 04/12/2019
Conference: Kardinal König Haus Wien; ENO Meeting: KulturKontakt Austria

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During the conference there will be three moderated sessions, which will consist of one keynote and four 10 minutes presentations and a half-hour discussion.

Panel 1: Arts Education in Post-Digital Times

Digitalisation and arts education can be linked in two ways. On the one hand, this can mean the digitalisation of the methods of arts and arts education, i.e. the use of digital media. On the other hand, digital arts education describes a changed form, understood in the sense of the “post-digital” as an access to digital media that no longer asks for technological innovation and improvement through these technologies. Instead, digitalisation is understood as something that has already taken place and can no longer be perceived as the new, but describes a new state of media, art and design that also opens up a new view of the difference and relationship between analogue and digital media. The first panel explores the question of how this also changes the perspectives of arts education.

Keynote Speaker (20 min) Prof. Dr. Benjamin Jörissen, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Head of the Meta-research project „Forschung zur Digitalisierung in der Kulturellen Bildung

Panel 2: Creativity and Digitalisation

The second panel focuses on the relationship between creativity and the use of digital means. New artistic-creative educational projects and creativity competitions emerge. They reflect creativity as a central slogan in diverse societal fields and key qualification in the age of digitalisation. Artists become digital creatives and vice versa. The concept of art must be renegotiated again. How has artistic-creative production changed with the digital technologies? What models and examples combine creative and digital action? And what does this have to do with arts education and mediation approaches, if it is in school or in out-of-school projects?

Keynote Speaker (20 min) Gerfried Stocker, Artistic Director Ars Electronica Linz: Create your world

Panel 3: Schools of Tomorrow

Creative forms of expression are not only part of the digital media change, it also has profound effects on traditional understandings of art and culture. Against this background, a change in pedagogical interventions is called for, which contributes to the discussion of values and norms in the digital age and rethinks the mediation of artistic-creative forms of expression under changing circumstances. Artistic school subjects are affected by this – and so are pedagogues and mediators. How does school change? How can digitalisation be considered in art lessons and artistic projects in schools? Universities, teacher training centres and extracurricular partners in particular are in demand in this context.

Keynote Speaker (20 min) Univ. Prof. Mag. Art Barbara Putz-Plecko, Vice-Rector for Research, University of Applied Arts Vienna

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